Secretary Mattis talks President Trump and our interview with Senator McSally, first female fighter pilot

ROUND 1: A North Carolina woman passed away this week at the age of 90 thus ending a 155 year long pension from her father’s time in the Civil War… How is this possible? Well the ‘ol vet was 83 when she was born, go old man, go.

ROUND 2: One of the most cringe worthy military love texts led us to ask you about the worst love stories you ever witnessed in uniform. From a motorcycle wedding to Jody drama the answers did not disappoint. 

ROUND 3: A Rifle-toting veteran was arrested this week after dressing up and blending in with a National Guard crowd control formation in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to hear what this has to do with Jurassic Park. Hold on to ya butts. 

ROUND 4: Martha McSally, who was not a Sad Sack Sally when we interviewed her, joined us to talk about her book, life as an A-10 fighter pilot, and how she sued the bejesus out of Secretary Rumsfeld while she was just a lowly field grade officer. 

ROUND 5: Call Sign Chaos caused a little chaos on social media. General Mattis blasted his former boss by saying that President Trump is a danger to the Constitution. That’s kinda big news right? That deserves its own round.