Willie Colon and Steven Cheah Address The Drew Brees Situation

We taped the intro to our podcast yesterday after the Drew Brees comments had gone viral and I thought this was good perspective, mainly from Willie. 

Brees released a statement this morning on Instagram, nice job using a stock image Drew!

Reactions to the Brees' apology are have started to come in:

At the end of the day, Drew Brees showed his true colors. Here is a reminder of all his whacky views and your opportunity to build the perfect Drew Brees:

In addition to all the Drew Brees chatter, we had an incredible interview with 4x Super Bowl Champion, 9x Pro Bowler, NFL Hall of Famer, Franco Harris who told some incredible stories, including why he took the bus to work and hitchhiked home after games as a rookie for the Steelers:

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