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The Short Porch Episode 179: An Important Conversation

We would be remiss if we did not discuss the current events unfolding in America right now. The issues of systematic racism and police brutality need to be fixed. There needs to be a change to the system and it starts with all of us listening and learning right now. The show opens with a discussion amongst the three of us talking about everything going on as we all try to learn and be better. Black lives matter and it’s unacceptable to think anything else. The system is broken and we all need to do our part and help out in anyway we can. We hope you can appreciate this discussion and listen yourself to understand what’s going on. I know we're a baseball podcast at heart but we've got a platform that people listen to and this is something everyone needs to be talking about. If you're here for baseball we talked a little at the end of the show in a respectful way to the bigger issue at hand.