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Anthony Rizzo Is My Favorite Chicago Cub Of All Time

In the history of the modern Cubs, there's been only one World Series champion captain and he joined us on the most recent episode of Red Line Radio. Obviously it's a massive deal to me with or without you knowing that I am a registered psychopath when it comes to my Chicago Cubs. 

It's also a big moment for the podcast because Rizzo is the last Cub left that pre-dates my time at Barstool. He was the only guy Theo was building around when Big Cat let me write my first blog in June of 2013. He was the only guy you gave a fuck about during early rebuild stages because he was the only player giving any hope to the select few that tuned in on a daily basis. So while he' still young and extremely charming, the veteran experience gets severely underplayed. For all intents and purposes we''ve lived through his entire career. 

That's why it's easy for me to say he's my favorite Cub Of All Time, a prepositional phrase that doesn't get thrown around lightly here. And I fuckng mean it: 


There's the subjective reasons. There's objective reasons. There's his great head of lettuce and opposite-field power. I got rabbit hole after rabbit hole to go down proving his excellence. But probably the easiest and best way to do it right now is to say he's a world class human being. For as much as the Cubs have always sucked and for easy it would for for him to abuse his power and be a dickhead. I mean imagine being the face of the Cub at 26 years old, top-5 MVP, All Star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger with a pair of balls smoother than your mom's marble countertops. All the power at your fingertips and with it you invest your time and energy in the local pediatric cancer wing. You build charities and community relationships and at no point along the way show any cracks in your leadership. Never in my life has it been easier to cheer for another grown man and maybe that means I'll wear his jersey to Easter brunch 2021. Maybe it doesn't. But I'm fucking thinking about it already and that's enough for my brain. 

I love this dude.