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Space Edging With Elon Musk

ROUND 1: A Fort Leavenworth soldier saved the day when they rammed their car into another on a bridge over the Missouri River this week. How’s that a good thing? You’ll just have to listen & find out. Wowzers, what a teaser by Kate there. Incredible.

ROUND 2: 3, 2, 1 - NASA - WE HAVE LIFT-O...OOOHHH NO! Americans were about to launch into outer-space from American soil and on American equipment for the first time in nearly a decade when the launch got held off Wednesday afternoon. 

ROUND 3: If you’ve been struggling with junk food on quarantine this might motivate you a little bit - A kid who dreamed of joining the Marines but weighed 365 pounds went and lost 185 of those LBs & now he’s off getting screamed at by DIs as we speak.

ROUND 4: You know how sometimes there’s a wack-a-doo in the news and you think to yourself “please don’t be a veteran, please don’t be a veteran’? Well there’s a gent in North Carolina gearing up to fight the “New World Order” and sorry but… he’s a veteran.


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