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Hard Factor 5/27: WTF WEDNESDAY- Kids Purposely Get Bitten By Black Widow to Become Spiderman, Man Kills Pedophile To Save Kids, Aggressive Rats

On today's show....

- An insane story about a videography company that refused to give back a deposit after the bride died in a car crash

- Another tragic murder of a black man at the hands of police in Minneapolis, all caught on video

- A man who passed out while drinking rum on a river float nearly died when he almost floated his drunk ass into a dam before police could get to him

- Three Bolivian boys were rushed to the ER after the purposely provoked a Black Widow to bite them, all in the hopes they would contract the powers of Spiderman

- Man kills neighborhood pedophile to protect the kids he was openly stalking is met with standing ovation by other prisoners at jail

- Rats are starving due to the lack of dumpster food and are now turning on each other and their babies

- Voicemails and reviews

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