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You Can't Handle The Truth

Round 1: We’ll do a check-in about our weekends, I’m enforcing staff sergeant rules in my house but in kind of an air forcey way, and some thoughts about Memorial Day weekend in general. 

Round 2: This weekend I watched one of my favorite movies and came up with a realization…. Col Jessup is the World’s Biggest Truckrant Vet Bro.

Round 3: We get to the bottom of a SALACIOUS rumor that is sullying the good name of a hospital in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Round 4: Spy Pigeons!

Round 5: North Korea has issued a state-sponsored correction involving their founder Kim Il Sung. This one will blow your mind. 

Round 6: MORE CALL HER DADDY DRAMA! We issue some page 11’s, NJPs, and possibly even a court’s marshall for the Call Her Daddy Ladies.