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Ask The Original BLK Blogger (feat. Mo) - 2Biggs Podcast - EP 5

This week on the 2Biggs Podcast we resurrect a legend at Barstool Sports. Maurice Peebles, aka Mo, aka the Jackie Robinson of Barstool Sports, joins us to talk about the highs and lows of being Barstool’s first black employee. “The initial wave for me was like, alright, you either have to grow really thick skin or get another job. And I wanted to stick it out” (04:23). Mo talks about how difficult it was to avoid negativity in the old comment section (10:02), how to write the perfect blog at Barstool and his first impressions of El Pres, KFC and Big Cat (13:50). Then Willie, Mo, and I compare stories about the black people in their lives and how they see Barstool’s brand (25:14) and getting called the N-word in the comment section (29:44). 2Biggs is bringing back Mo’s creation, “Ask A Black Blogger,” so they ask Mo what type of questions to expect from Stoolies (38:12). All that and more in an epic interview with the man who blazed the trail for other minorities at Barstool Sports. Laugh. Learn. Enjoy.

Ask The Original BLK Blogger - EP 5

00:59 - Re-Introducing Barstool Mo
04:23 - Mo’s First Days At Barstool Sports
10:02 - The Old Comment Section
13:50 - First Impressions Of Dave
19:00 - Being The Token BLK GUY
25:14 - Barstool Sports or Girls Gone Wild
29:44 - Getting Called The N-Word In The Comments
36:18 - RIP 2016
38:12 - Ask A Black Blogger
41:39 - Chicken. Watermelon. N-Word.
46:47 - The Jackie Robinson of Barstool Sports
51:44 - They Know What They Did
58:09 - Barstool Pushes You
1:02:21 - Mo Gives Us Advice
1:04:06 - Resurrecting The Legend of Mo

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