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Hard Factor 5/15: Florida Man Friday! Superstar Brandon Walker Joins Us To Cover Some of The Best Florida Man Stories Of The Week!

On todays episode

- Brandon discusses the Brett Favre and Million Dollar Man scandal in Mississippi

- A habitual dine and dasher who preys on Chilis and Applebees got himself into some serious trouble when he assaulted an officer

- Man fires multiple flare gun rounds at people trying to serve his wife some legal papers

- Florida man who likes to "air it out" while driving finally gets taken down when he tries to "air it out" in front on an undercover cop

- Kid stabs person with homemade throwing star and then gets the everliving shit beaten out of him in a garden

- Man trying to keep warm on a chilly 50 degree night sets fire to the entire patio of a cajun restaurant

- Man tells kid to "fight him like a man" after the child steps in to stop the man from beating his mom

- Woman burns down her own shed after the woman she was renting the shed to allegedly stole her favorite towel

- Voicemails, Review, Discussion

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