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Mother's Day Was Quite A Shitshow For Our Pal Large

There are many things you can laugh at your friends about. An old hook up, an embarrassing moment in school, pretty much everything that may take place during the fantasy football season. However, on this week's Podfathers, Large shared a story so brutal even I couldn't truly enjoy wallowing in his misery.

Anything involving the elements or your basement being flooded with human waste is off limits to laugh at. It's like losing a family member or pet. Just the worst of the worst and shit (pardon the pun) I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

Also on the pod, former All-Pro Seahawks Left Tackle Duane Brown joined us to explain how he is spending lockdown with his 2-year-old and the challenges he may face playing an NFL season in a coronavirus world before the big fella and I answered mailbag questions about how to deal with a wife that will not use headphones during her nonstop teleconferences and college kid neighbors dropping F Bombs around the kids.