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Hard Factor 5/13: WalMart Panty Raid, People Trapped in Cemeteries and Trash Compactors, Fake Minority Report, and Norm Chad in the Soft Corner

On today's WTF Wednesday episode...

Listener submitted stories from the Hardo Hive that will get your day buzzing.

- A man in Connecticut is arrested for starting shit at the McDonald's then running over to Wal-Mart to steal panties

- A family in California got caught inside a cemetery for hours when at least one of them had to take a shit very badly

- An owner and their cat have both been taken by the coronavirus in Spain, the first ever recorded owner and pet to both succumb to the virus

- A college in PA thinks they can tell if you're a criminal just by looking at your face

- The SOFT CORNER makes its return to envelop Norm Chad... the sports announcer who's rooting for less sporting events

- People in Washington State are split between snitching on their fellow citizens for breaking lockdown, and offering cotton candy to people to encourage them to break lockdown... and it's getting ugly

- A man flattened himself, but survived, after sleeping in a trash compactor that got turned on with him inside

- 5 Star Reviews, Voicemails, and so much more...

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