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Would You Want Michael Jordan in a Foxhole With You?

Round 1: The Last Dance is the greatest 10 part docuseries of all time behind Band of Brothers so we put Michael Jordan in a foxhole and even slap a rank on him.

Round 2: Long drag on a cigarette, back in my day, the recruits at Marine Corps boot camp weren't so pussy that they needed a falcon to protect them from seagulls. Shit’s changed. We’ll tell you about this new breed of mask-wearing soft corps softees. 

Round 3: Through our Career Day series, we’ve gone through several jobs that most people don't know about. Today, we are going to tell you about 10 jobs from the WW2 era and see if Kate would enlist again to do any of them. 

Round 4: Continuing the Career Day series, see how we did that, we have Patrick McKavitt who is a Naval academy grad and Marine Corps Operations Analyst. He’s gonna tell you what that means because I still can't. 


Round 5: Jerry Stiller, who is best known as Frank Costanza, died this weekend of natural causes. He told a story in a New York Times article in 1997 that encapsulates every veteran at any bar ever.