My Mom's Basement Recaps UFC 249 w/ Megan Olivi!

Megan Olivi joins the show this week, and we talk what went into putting on UFC 249 from her side of things; how pre-productions meetings have changed, the new socially distanced interviews, and more - as well as the night of the fights itself, of course!

I think this'll be a very interesting listen for any MMA fan out there, or even just anybody who watched the card on Saturday night and wants to know more about how they pulled it off. Megan was gracious enough to lend us a bit of her time on super short notice to give us all the deets about it and she's the GOAT for that, so make sure you send her a nice tweet or something today. She deserves it!

Hope you enjoy!

Outro Music: 'How Soon Is Now?' - The Smiths