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Lil Dicky's 'Dave' Stories Reminded 'Curb' Producer Of Larry David's Stories (Interview With 'Dave' Co-Creator)

This was such an awesome interview and 'Dave' co-creator Jeff Schaffer (who also was a key player, and continues to be, in 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') gave some great insight into the creation of the show:

Jeff Schaffer is a comedy legend. He was a longtime writer, and producer, on 'Seinfeld' (where he is credited with inventing the Festivus pole), Executive Producer on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm', creator of 'The League', writer on 'EuroTrip' and much, much more. And now he has created 'Dave', one of the best shows to debut in 2020.

If you think that resume is wild, just look at the combined resumes with his two other college friends Dave Mandel and Alec Berg. Mandel created 'VEEP' and Berg created the HBO show 'Barry' and was the Executive Producer on 'Silicon Valley'.

How is it even possible that three guys can make so many awesome comedy projects?

EDIT: Please note this is my favorite Larry David improv moment from 'Curb'

For the full interview, listen to the newest Lights Camera Barstool.


|| 0:00 – Breaking down the show FRIENDS
|| 8:05 – Thoughts on new The Last Dance episodes
|| 13:10 – LEGO company meetings were intense
|| 13:55 – Ad Read #1
|| 16:27 – AMC, Regal no longer showing Universal movies
|| 29:59 – Ad Read #2
|| 30:14 – Hellraiser (HBO) and Goosebumps series?
|| 32:34 – Sonic the Hedgehog sequel announced soon
|| 37:04 – ALEX WOLFF INTERVIEW (Hereditary, Jumanji, etc.)
|| 1:05:01 – BAD EDUCATION (HBO) REVIEW (Spoilers)
|| 1:25:22 – Top 10 Favorite HBO Shows
|| 2:05:52 – Box Office Game XXXVIII: Kirsten Dunst

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