We Gotta Believe: Remembering Big Sexy's Big Fly

Bartolo #BigSexy Colon will go down in Mets lore as one of the greatest signings of all-time. He was a cat off the mound and an assassin in the strike zone, but nothing quite compared to watching Big Sexy swing the stick. From the helmets that never fit to the bats that were never flipped, Bartolo made every AB must-watch. But one day will live on in history as the day "the impossible happened." We break down the Big Sexy Blast on its 4-year anniversary, discuss where we were when it happened, and recap just what Bartolo meant to the Flushing faithful.

We also inch closer to finishing off the southern division bracket by imagining what Doc's crack house was like and how far-gone he must have been to miss the parade and debate if Stevie Cohen's non-sale should even be on this bracket if he's still in the hunt. It could be a Cinderella run for Cohen by the time everything is said and done, but we gotta believe this ends in misery one way or another.