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Have You Ever Had A One Night Stand With A Plant-Based Dirty Vegan? (feat. Pinky Cole) - 2Biggs Podcast - EP 4

The Slutty Vegan - EP 4

|| 00:36 - Intro
|| 04:13 - Mirror Mirror, Fuck You
|| 12:53 - What About Bacon?
|| 17:22 - Die With The Fry
|| 26:20 - Pinky Does Hollywood
|| 34:30 - No Meat No Problem
|| 38:54 - Pinky Sans Porn
|| 41:49 - Pork Is The Problem
|| 48:20 - Make More Mud
|| 52:46 - Getting Out The Meat Game

This week Pinky Cole, founder and CEO of Slutty Vegan, joins the 2Biggs Podcast to talk about how her Hollywood Dreams helped her become a Plant-Based Slut. We find out how this queen of vegan junk food has been making so much money off of her burgers, that she's been able to pay the rent of other local Atlanta businesses.

Before chopping with Pinky, Willie and I face the fact that we're getting too big and realize that a healthy diet is the key to losing weight. The Slutty Vegan talks about how moving to LA changed her life, why growing up Rastafarian means growing up vegan, and being mistaken for Pinky the porn star. Then, she basically says pork is the devil and explains why success is like mud. After the interview, Willie and I reveal which meats we're willing to give up for good... well at least for the rest of the month.

SONG: Migos - T-Shirt

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