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Hard Factor 5/6: WTF Wednesday: Rone Joins the Show, Indonesian Monkey Kidnaps Toddler, CA Man Wears KKK Mask to Grocery Store, Dr. Fauci Romance Novel

Today on Hard Factor it's WTF Wednesday, 100% listener submitted stories. 

Rone joins the show for the first time bringing the nasty news from Philadelphia!

-In the magical mystical land of Indonesia a small trained monkey on a miniature motorcycle attempts to kidnap a toddler in the hopes of trading the child for freedom. 

-After decades of knowing just how terrible mosquitos The EPA has finally decided to do something to teach the annoying insects a lesson. In what can only be described as the ultimate cucking, the environmental protection agency has granted a private company an experimental permit to release genetically engineered mosquitoes that are unable to produce fertile offspring. Talk about embarrassing. 

 -A five year old Utah boy who was fed up with his Mom NOT buying him a Lamborghini, decided to take matters into his own hands, so he grabbed his three dollar life savings, the keys to the family SUV, and a booster seat and started driving west toward the land of Lambo's, California. In a bizarre incidence of foreshadowing the boy was pulled over by police under suspicion of DUI and was ultimately returned to his probably lazy mother. 

-We all know Dr. Fauci has the brains, but who knew that he also has the dong? Apparently the doc made such an impression on romance novel writer Sally Quinn in the 90's that she based the lead character of her masturbation novel "Happy Endings" on Fauci. If you're interest, you can currently get a paper back copy for just $989.90 on Amazon.

-A confusing California man made sure to honor his civic duty of wearing a mask when he went grocery shopping at a Von's in Santee this past Sunday. However, there was a slight problem for literally everyone in the store and America. Apparently all of the man's non-KKK masks were all in the wash. 

These stories and more…..

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