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Hard Factor 4/30: More DeBlasio Blunders While Americans Experiment with New Drugs, Fail at Zoom Meetings and Do the Shampoo Challenge

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor...

- New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio steps in another steaming pile of shit by singling out Jewish people gathering for a funeral as breaking coronavirus protocols

- America is re-opening at differing rates state-to-state and it's pissing off at least a couple of the boys

- Kim Jong Un's sister is waiting for her chance to sit on the throne, learn a little more about her

- A new drug is effective in blocking/reducing the effects of Coronavirus after the first set of clinical trials

- Kentucky's Governor is shocked to find out that someone in his state is actually named Tupac Shakur

- Dudes are taking pictures of their dicks supporting bathroom objects with the #ShampooChallenge

- A professor got busted for having a porn tab open during class

- Kids stealing candy, Coronavirus Lessons Learned, Anniversary Techniques and MORE

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