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Large's Dad Is Not Only A Legend But He's Now A Local Celebrity

You see that picture above? I thought it was Ric Flair when it showed up in my Podfathers text chain yesterday, which is about as good a compliment I can give someone since The Nature Boy is about as big a superstar as there is on God's green Earth. 

Turns out it was actually Papa Large, which makes perfect sense considering I always knew the person that sired a stallion of this many talents must be a legend.

Financially successful:

A master chef:

Party trick master, even when giving a speech in front of business professionals:

And very very tall (especially next to short people):

Well thanks to Large's success at Barstool, Large's dad is finally proud of him and has become something of a local celebrity in his old neighborhood. Meanwhile at home in quarantine, Saint Anne has come up with the perfect way to hide quarantine snacking from the kids and while I am now known as Mister Clem to the neighborhood. 

However, Bruce Willis appears to be looking to die hard by spending lockdown with Demi Moore and his kids in their 20s instead of his current wife and kids that are 8 and 5. 

We also talk about The Last Dance, if kids should be sent to summer school to make up the quarantine months, and more!