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2Biggs Podcast - World's Strongest Man (feat. Mark Henry) - EP 3

This week Willie and I are joined by WWE Hall of Famer and former Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry. Mark tells us how he earned the title of World's Strongest Man in the middle of his 23-year professional wrestling career. We find out how Charles Barkley saved Michael Jordan from a "Mark Henry ass-whooping" at the 1992 Olympics and how his Grandma was the reason he started wrestling. Mark Henry also talks about the responsibility that came with being the first black professional wrestler with a guaranteed contract. We also get to hear how being in Will Forte's MacGruber, inspired Sexual Chocolate to take his acting more seriously. After the interview, we recap our time with the extra-large living legend.

World's Strongest Man - EP 3
|| 00:26 - Intro
|| 06:52 - Becoming The World's Strongest Man
|| 19:49 - Michael Jordan Got Saved By Barkley
|| 23:57 - Michael Clarke Duncan's Twin
|| 31:29 - Grandma Got Me Wrestling
|| 35:55 - Introducing Sexual Chocolate
|| 38:15 - Kicked Out To Calm Down
|| 40:54 - Wrestling While Black
|| 47:51 - The Rock vs Hulk Hogan
|| 57:50 - Mark Henry In The Movies
|| 1:10:16 - The Shit We Didn't Say

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