Hard Factor 4/28: Food Supply Chain In Jeopardy, Joe Biden In Hot Water, UFOs Officially Exist

On today's episode...

- Major meat processing plants have had to shutdown for coronavirus and the CEO of Tysons is warning meat might be missing from grocery stores soon as millions of pounds of meat will not be sent through the food supply chain

- Joe Biden is kind of creepy around women's hair and necks, we can all agree on that, but there is a very serious sexual assault accusation coming from an ex staffer from an incident in 1993 that has not gotten much media attention and definitely should 

- Now both North Korea and South Korea are saying Kim Jong Un is alive and well. What the fuck is going on. One rumor says he's hiding from humans and the coronavirus like a little coward

- UFOs officially exist. You've seen the blogs. The Pentagon finally admitted to what the US Navy and a lot of us already knew by admitting to video footage of UFOs. Aliens exist and live in the ocean deal with it.

- People are getting busted for affairs and lying about how they spend their money on gambling and other things during coronavirus. It's hard to hide things when you can't hide

- The worst place to be on earth right now is an El Salvadorian prison. After a very murderous weekend by gangs, the President of El Salvador instituted practices to make life a living hell in prisons like 24/7 lockdown in same cell as rivals, and lethal force

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