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Craziest Fivesome Ever: Me, Large, Our Wives, And Mike O'Malley From Guts

Mrs. Large and Mrs. Clem joined The Big Fellas and I this week to update what life is like at home during quarantine while their husbands act like idiots on the internet, complete with chaos in my house as the kids ran crazy. Testicles are coronavirus hot spots, beer companies are trying to comfort people whose weddings were cancelled, and Mickey Mouse is putting our kids to bed for us. 

Mike O'Malley from Guts joined me, Reags and Jeff D. Lowe on our weekly Friday night nostalgia stream TGIF Barstool (9 PM ET) to discuss everything from the classic Nickelodeon gameshow and even offered to put together a Barstool Guts.

Large then gave us our Good Mood Story Of The Week with a parade thrown for Finn before we wrapped things up with a review of the movie Onward.