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Hard Factor 4/20: Coronavirus Updates, 420 Fantasy Draft, Cocaine Cassie, Nude Model Kidnapper, The Italian Mafia Is Mafiaing

On today's episode...

- Domestic update on the coronavirus. Florida beaches were re-opened in Duval county and the internet is making fun of Florida more than usual. New stimulus package for small businesses and hospitals being finalized.

- Australian woman and famous drug smuggler Cocaine Cassie is free but she might still be in trouble in Columbia 

- There have been a lot of protests in the US over re-opening but they pale in comparison to the 100k person protest in Bangladesh 

- The pastor of Baton Rouge Life Tabernacle Church is asking for people to donate their stimulus checks to evangelical churches like his

- Former Texas model and Playboy model was arrested after being on the FBIs most wanted list for several years for kidnapping her daughter from her ex-husband

- 420 Fantasy Draft of best snack, sweet, movie, tv show and video game to play stoned

- Italian mafia is alive and well and taking advantage of people during the coronavirus lockdown

- New Jersey beaches have a lot of interesting trash

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