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2Biggs Podcast - That Champion Talk (feat. Dahntay Jones)


This week we have the NBA World Champion Dahntay Jones on the show! This retired 13-year vet talks about dunking in garbage time in a Barstool Basketball Tournament and against the Toronto Raptors. He breaks down how he became an essential part of Cleveland winning their first Championship in 2016 and why LeBron didn't panic when down 3-1 to Draymond Green and the Warriors in the NBA Finals. Dahntay also talks about the pain of being drafted to the NBA the same year Michael Jordan retired from the NBA and how Coach K helped him compete against Kobe Bryant. After the interview, Willie and I chop it up about all the shit that we didn't say. 

SONG: Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear.

That Champion Talk - EP 2

|| 00:32 - Intro
|| 10:00 - Dunking in Garbage Time
|| 20:28 - Champions Know Their Role
|| 25:00 - The Cavs Needed Dahntay Jones
|| 29:40 - LeBron Didn’t Panic
|| 32:27 - Jordan Retired // Dahntay Drafted
|| 36:23 - Relationship With Kobe
|| 49:43 - Losing Your First Love (Sports)
|| 52:29 - Quarantine Potty Training
|| 55:55 - The Shit We Didn’t Say

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