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We Gotta Believe: Putting It In The Books With Howie Rose

Anyone that's ever said "never meet your heroes" clearly has never met Howie Rose. The voice of the New York Mets joined the pod to talk about the wild ride of 2020, the state of the team and his first week on Twitter (@HowieRose). 

We got into what he can expect from the depths of #MetsTwitter, his memory of the Mr. Met Fingergate, all-time favorite “Put It in the Books!" moments, what he REALLY thinks of those black uniforms, and when we can expect baseball back. It's not often that you get to mix it up with a Mets legend and you best believe Howie didn't disappoint. The man is a walking encyclopedia and his skills were on full display. So sit back, relax and enjoy the golden pipes of your favorite radio play-by-play announcer.

So sit back, relax, grab a cold Coors Light to drink responsibly, and let Howie's voice melt away the quarantine blues (subscribe and rate 5 stars to get episodes when they drop, as we should have a couple of good guests in the coming weeks).

If you want to watch the interview, here you go: