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2Biggs EP 1 Catch Up + EP 2 Preview with Dahntay Jones

Make sure to catch up on our last episode with Paranormal Activity extraordinaire, Dalen Spratt from the Travel Channel's Ghost Brothers! Don't let the Dos Equis guy confuse you; this brother here is the most interesting person in the world.

On the next 2Biggs Podcast we have NBA Champion Dahntay Jones joining us and we barely even talk about him being friends with LeBron James. Calling us from his home in Los Angeles, Dahntay talks to us about fatherhood, why LeBron is a better basketball player than Jordan, crying with his son the day that Kobe passed, Dywane Wade protecting his family to the media and so much more.

The 2003 first-round pick from Duke also recalls how crazy it was playing for Team Barstool in the first TBT $500,000 open basketball tournament. All that and more on Friday's episode of the 2Biggs Podcast!