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The Short Porch Episode 172: THE TOMMY KAHNLE INTERVIEW

Thomas. Robert. Kahnle. 

After over a year of chasing this motherfucker we finally got him on the podcast. He's a tough man to reach with zero social media, but we got it done. This was probably the most anticipated I've been for any interview and it lived up to the hype and more. We did about an hour with Tommy and talked about pretty much everything. Quarantine life, his love for Marvel, being too dumb that he falls for every Brett Gardner prank, fucking with guys on the team planes, his absurd Red Bull diet that he did solely out of superstition, his thoughts on an Arizona bio-dome season, the Madden League, his Taco Bell order, and so much more. Honestly you don't have to be a Yankees fan to enjoy this interview. Tommy is exactly the kind of personality we need to grow the game of baseball. We must protect him at all cost. Enjoy the podcast. 

For anyone looking for the full video version that will be up on our YouTube channel on Friday. Please subscribe below to follow all of our content there and watch our other recent interviews.