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Hard Factor 4/15: WTFWednesday - Coronavirus Causing Trouble for Zoos, Ghost Hunters, Obese People, and Chinese McDonalds

On today's episode of all listener submitted stories for What the Fuck Wednesday...

- Countries in Southeast Asia are resorting to having volunteers dress up as ghosts to scare people into staying inside their homes

- A German Zoo may be forced to feed some animals to the others without funding or customers during the coronavirus lockdown

- The state of Virginia decriminalized weed, but also had a tragic coronavirus death in the church that some feel could have been avoided

- A homeschoolin' mom is thirsty for more Franzia

- A lone Chinese McDonalds has banned black people from entering over "coronavirus"

- Coronavirus is more dangerous for the Obese (like everything else), but it's almost as bad for them as the elderly according to new studies

- A couple in Texas got caught smoking meth out of a Baby Yoda pipe and robbing a Native American burial site

- 5-Star Reviews, Listener Voicemails, and so much more...

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