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John McAfee: The Man, The Myth, The Legend -- Highlights & Full Interview

If you don't know who John McAfee is, don't worry.  Don't turn to google, or twitter or Wikipedia, that won't help.  Stay right here and let John tell you himself.  

Right off the bat, John lets you know just how big of an Alpha he is.  

Here's a little background: John is currently running for President in his second attempt as a Libertarian, he created the first Anit-virus/hacker software and he is "always armed." Currently, on the run from US Authorities for Tax Evasion (not a crime according to John), he still maintains his chipper attitude and high spirits as he takes life day by day, country by country, with his wife, Janice, at his side.  

The boat and guns he was referring to were confiscated by Dominican Republic officials when he attempted to dock there and enter the country.

Aside from the arsenal and living life on the lam, John is just like you and me. He likes to drink, smoke weed, and hates being locked down right now, but is surely making the best of it.  

Filling your bubbler with Tequila is the most outrageous thing I've ever seen… You gotta hand it to him though, that's Alpha as fuck. 

"Water cools it…but Tequila MELTS IT." - John McAfee, 2020

John Joins the show to tell us the story of his current situation and as you can tell, the wheels fall off this one quickly.  He's a whacky free-spirited man who does what he wants, when he wants, and pisses on subpoenas while screaming "Fuck you USA" 86 miles from the coastline, just like a regular ole Donnie Azoff.  

After not filing taxes for 10 years, the IRS caught up to John, in collusion with the FBI and CIA (according to him) and he views that as a badge of honor.  He is strong in his convictions and what he's done, and he's not afraid to tell anyone about it.  

He doesn't give a fuck who is watching, he believes privacy is a myth, and only wants to run for president to prove the position is inefficient.  He's an electric son of a bitch and makes this interview worth every second.  

Watch the full interview below on youtube or listen to it wherever you get your Podcasts, on Hard Factor News Monday - Friday. Your daily dose of news cocaine.  

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