Minihane Claims He's Never Eaten Wendy's and a Caller Claims His GF Is a Pornstar

On today's Good Friday episode of the Kirk Minihane Show, we opened the phone lines and were blessed with the most absurd caller. Justin from Wisconsin panted and squealed for a few minutes with apparent glee over getting through. He then informed us that his fiance was a pornstar but then admitted she's only made five videos and only with one other guy. Also she might be a lesbian, he said. Yes, he gave out her name on the show and we can confirm she's a real person. After doxxing his "pornstar" bride-to-be, Justin showed off his impressive array of impressions before returning to his work at the deli. 

Also on today's show: Crappy morning zoo talk radio shows are having a tough time adjusting the pandemic, Saturday Night Live is attempting a coronavirus era remote broadcast, and Kirk claims that he's never eaten at Wendy's ever in his 45 years of existence and throughout all of his cross country drives, prompting a bitter 30-minute fight and a serious investigation.