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Florida Man Beats the Shit Out of Ice Cream Man to Help Enforce Shelter-In-Place

It's Florida Man Friday on today's episode of Hard Factor News as the guys deliver some of the most fucked up and wild stories you've ever heard from the Sunshine State.  

Today's episode featured a delightful tale of one Florida man's attempt to protect his community by helping to enforce the shelter-in-place order.  Jaymes Chigos, 39, of the Lakes of Boca Raton community in Palm Beach County, took on the self-appointed role of Neighborhood Watch, after his local bar and all others were ordered to close by Governor Ron DeSantis last week.  Unable to put back a few cold ones and take out his pent up sexual frustration on waitresses, Chigos needed a new escape from his wife and kids so, he joined the fight against the Coronavirus. 

While on duty, Chigos was alerted to the familiar sound of an Ice Cream truck and he sprung into action.  As children began to emerge from their homes for a tasty treat on a hot and humid Florida afternoon, Chigos knew he had little time to act, as the virus could spread from child to child instantly.  In an effort to flatten the curve, Chigos ran toward the truck probably mowing children down on his way and presumably yelling, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I KILL YOU!"  The driver then drove around the block and Chigos chased him down until he stopped.  

Once caught up to him, Chigos stormed the truck, immediately disarmed the Ice Cream man of a tire iron and his ice cream scoop, and threw him up against the wall and continued to assault him.  Chicgos demanded the Ice Cream man leave the neighborhood and never come back before letting him go.  Palm Beach County Police quickly arrested Chigos and he told them that he feared the Ice Cream man may be spreading the virus and he had to do something about it.  Taking matters into his own hands was not the best move, as he was charged with burglary with assault and jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.  

Not all heroes wear capes, but some do! And in Chicogs's instance, his cape is a new prison-issued jumpsuit. 

Get the full story covered on today's episode of Hard Factor News (and below) and hear more like it Monday - Friday.

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