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Police Uncover a Potential Crab Leg Smuggling Ring in Michigan

Financially, times are tough for almost all of us.  Hopefully, with the help of unemployment and stimulus checks, we'll all be able to get by.  Fortunately for this Michigan woman, her meals are now being paid for by the state, and she won't have to stress to make ends meet for a little while.  

A 34-year-old woman from Battle Creek, Michigan, is in police custody for now after being caught stealing $700 worth of crab legs from a local grocery store.  The woman did not act alone, as she was seen on a surveillance camera accompanied by another woman and two small children.  Video footage shows the women taking the packs of crab legs straight out of the store without paying, covering them with nothing but a child.  Yes... a child.  Probably too old to sit in the cart anyway and crying as he's impaled by the crab claws.    

"Shut up and act natural!" 

The footage came from the grocery chain Horrocks, but reports of multiple crab leg thefts came from various other stores in the area as well.  Police then utilized the most reliable source of evidence for tracking down stupid criminals, Facebook, and presumably searched the market place for some moron bragging about her abundance of Crab and the need to sell them... Bingo.  

The woman was identified after posting multiple pictures of her with the crab legs and inside the various grocery stores to her social media.  When police arrived at the woman's home, a man answered the door and said she was not home.  At that moment, in hilarious timing, another woman pulled up to the house and when police asked her what she was doing there, she replied that she was there to in fact BUY crab legs.  She was turned away by police and probably directed to the back door to come back later by the man.  

Police tracked down the woman who was then arrested in her car, and are still on the hunt for her 27-year-old accomplice.  

The woman was questioned by authorities and when asked why she needs $700 worth of crab legs, she blamed we all do.  

She reportedly lost her job and was looking to sell the crab as a way to make money in these troubling times.  

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