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GoldenEye: Remembered More For The Video Game Or Movie?

When you hear 'GOLDENEYE' what do you think about: the movie or the N64 game?

Let me make something clear here, the movie still holds up. It' a fucking blast.

We just watched it on Netflix for Lights Camera Barstool and I forgot how well put together this movie was. While Brosnan isn't my favorite Bond, it has some intense moments, great action, and a really solid story. Martin Campbell directed both 'GoldenEye' and 'Casino Royale', I'd say that's a damn good track record. Why not let him launch another Bond the next time around?

With all of that said, I just think the video game has had the more lasting cultural impact…

This game defines a generation of games. There was nothing quite like playing GoldenEye with friends on that goofy-ass N64.

While I want to pick the movie, I actually think my answer is going to be the video game. Maybe it is my age? (29, fuck) But the video game just automatically pops into my head.

Do you lean more to the movie or video game when discussing GoldenEye? Let us know below…

Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here) featured our review of 'GoldenEye' (Netflix) as well as a ranking of the Top 5 and Bottom 3 James Bond movies with special guest Large…

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