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The Good News Crew

There has been no shortage of bad news the last few weeks. Which is why Large and I are calling on the Podfathers listeners to share some good news stories that have happened in their lives recently to give people something to smile about during all this bullshit (send submissions to @Podfathersshow on Twitter and Instagram or PodfathersShow at gmail dot com to have them read on the show). 

This week, Large is getting quarantine shamed for not wearing a mask while walking his neighborhood while I am getting a hero's welcome for simply buying groceries. Former NFL Pro Bowlers Glover Quin joins the show to discuss how everyone in his family of five is staying sane during this craziness and what it's like being a football star raising baseball players in the middle of Texas. We then jump into the news by rebuking the twin babies named Corona and Covid, answer mailbag questions, and get our first episode of a brand new segment: Storytime With Large.

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