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Re-Casting A 21st Century 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen'

'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' was not a good movie. It pains me to say that. For some stupid reason, I fucking loved it as a kid. We rewatched it and boy oh boy does it not hold up. But what if there was a rebooted version of this classic Alan Moore story with characters from the 21st Century? This is what we came up with...

- Indiana Jones just makes sense, he is exploring, a smart man, and a leader. My other choice would have been Danny Ocean, but I don’t know about his skills with a gun.

- Mr. Hyde and Hulk are one and the same.

- Captain Nemo was a rich tech-wizard, which seems too perfect for Tony Stark.

- Mina Harker was a wild, crazy Vampire and immortal. Harley Quinn is literally none of those things but she is badass and Margot Robbie is great.

- I still can’t believe Tom Sawyer is a character in this thing, but Jack Ryan basically seems the like most perfect replacement out of anyone on this list.


- We picked Tyler Blevins for Skinner, AKA The Invisible Man. We don’t have a reason why other than the fact it made Trillballins laugh on the podcast.

- The villains were fairly simple, with horny weirdo Christian Grey replacing horny weirdo Dorian Gray and the rich lunatic Moriarty being replaced by Lex Luthor but only the Lex Luthor played by our good friend Jesse Eisenberg.

Who would your picks be? Let us know below...

Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here) featured our review of 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' (Hulu) as well as a look at what is available to watch on streaming platforms...

|| 0:00 - Good and bad puppy names (Matt)
|| 6:22 - Streaming (movies, series, books) suggestions
|| 10:00 - AIM, MySpace, and Facebook pranks
|| 19:05 - Ad Read #1
|| 21:12 - Tons of new movie release dates
|| 35:26 - Crappy new Netflix rom-com
"|| 41:05 - Ad Read #2
|| 42:09 - Coronvirus comedy series happening?
|| 52:20 - Scooby-Doo 3 concept sounds fucked up
|| 1:23:22 - 21st Century League of Extraordinary Gentleman
|| 1:34:45 - Box Office Game XXXI: Sean Connery

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