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Hard Factor 4/7: Boris Johnson Moved To ICU, Two Pandas Finally Mate After A Decade, Bidets Are So In Right Now

On today's episode...

- The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was placed in the ICU due to complications from COVID-19

- Bidets are flying off the shelves. Tushy a manufacturer of bidets has seen a huge increase in demand due to toilet paper shortage

- Domestic violence is skyrocketing around the world with everyone locked indoors

- New Zealand PM tells children during a news conference that they may not see the Easter Bunny because its an essential worker and is busy

- Two pandas in the Hong Kong zoo that zookeepers have been trying to get to mate for over a decade, finally got it on 

- Chinese tourist sites and restaurants are booming now that they are out of lockdown

- Miss England is hangin up her Miss England duties to go back to work as a doctor

- Actress who fronted 'Stay Home' campaign arrested for throwing party with too many people 

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