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Hard Factor 4/6: Tiger Gets Coronavirus, Virus Sends UK Prime Minister To Hospital, India Using Covid-19 Costumes To Enforce Lockdown, Gender Reveal Party Causes Huge Fire


On today's episode...

- UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is admitted to the hospital after Coronavirus fever persists for more than 10 days. Also Queen Elizabeth II addresses the nation in a rare televised message, and famous footballer has a sex party in the midst of lockdown.

- U.S. Coronavirus Update, including....The war for face masks, will they be a new everyday way of life, and will this week finally be "The Worst" week to come so we can get back to not so bad weeks ahead?

- Zoom bombing and why NYC school are moving away from the highly hackable new meeting platform, one where racists and perverts love to terrorize meetings with porn and swastikas. 

- A Tiger at The Bronx Zoo has tested positive for Covid-19 plus some other animal related Coronavirus stories...keep your pets inside too people.

- International Coronavirus update including....police officers in India dressing up as Covid-19 to keep people at home, and Philippines President Rodgrigo Duterte threatens to kill people if they violate his #lockdownturnup orders.

- Gender reveal party in Florida causes 10 acre blaze

- Coronavirus causing prices of drugs to skyrocket in some European countries.

- Voicemails and reviews

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