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Hard Factor 4/3: Florida Men are Illegally Operating Mega-Churches, Getting Nude, Faking Coronavirus, Scamming Stimulus Checks, and MORE

On today's Florida Man Friday episode...

- A megachurch pastor is arrested for continually holding services and challenging his congregation to shake hands at service

- Multiple Florida men are arrested on nudity, and other, charges

- Joe Exotic has been transferred to a federal prison, while the missing persons case on Carole Baskins' ex-husband has been re-opened in Florida

- Multiple Florida men arrested for claiming to purposely spread the coronavirus

- A Florida school class was crashed by a naughty zoomer

- Florida men are in danger of stimulus check cashing scams

- A Florida man was caught at Publix wearing a idiotic homemade hazmat suit

- 5-star reviews, voicemails, and MUCH more

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