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Hard Factor 4/1: Cuomo's Pierced Nipples, Brazilian Gangsters Enforcing Curfew, 28 Spring Breakers Return To Austin TX With Coronavirus

On today's episode... 

- Tiger King update that may or may not be true

- The Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo has been showing off his probably pierced nipples with his tight polo shirt because he wants everyone to know he's locking down and turning up as an absolute freak in bed

- A Louisiana pastor is charged for continuing to hold large public sermons during shelter in place

- Brazilian gangsters are enforcing curfew and social distancing 'City of God' style

- Subway owner offering free COVID-19 mask with sandwich purchases, gets in trouble

- Travis County officials announce that 28 kids from Austin TX, came back from an almost two week spring break in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, with coronavirus this week

- Man in the UK dresses up like a bush to sneak out of his house during lockdown

- Voice mails - some good ones 

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