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Who Is Will Ferrell's Best Character?

It isn't an easy question, but who is Will Ferrell's best character?

We held a draft to see who could find the best team of Ferrell characters and it was a challenge. There were the obvious choices...

…and some under-the-radar picks…

Who is your pick for the best Will Ferrell Character? Let us know below…

Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here) featured our review of 'Batman Begins' (Netflix) as well as a recap of some of the best On-Set Actor and Actress Feuds…

|| 0:00 – Streaming movie and show suggestions
|| 10:19 – Ad Read #1
|| 10:58 – Jessica Chastain in the MCU?
|| 14:41 – Explaining Quibi, is it worth it?
|| 22:15 – Gosling in space and, uh, Jared from Subway
|| 31:56 – Ad Read #2
|| 33:04 – HBO releasing a Hugh Jackman movie in April
|| 40:01 – The best Star Wars video games?
|| 44:31 – Ryan Reynolds and Leisure Suit Larry
|| 47:33 – Ad Read #3
|| 1:17:36 – Box Office Game XXIX: Christian Bale
|| 1:22:12 – Famous On-Set Actor/Actress Feuds

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