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KFC Radio: Jon Taffer Returns, Backstreet Boys Are Better Than *NSYNC, + Sorry for Saying Sorry

Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate, & Leave a Review! We're launching a new live game show tonight at 7:30 ET called Social Distancing! Head over to @kfcradio on twitter to find out more! KFC and Feits are sick of having to tell people to stay inside over and over again. KFC tried to cut his own hair. The Backstreet Boys are back and they're officially better than Nsync. Voicemails include: Gilbert Gottfried, Saying Sorry, Indy 500 Wedding Conflict, and Grocery Grab. Jon Taffer returns to the show and breaks down the current state of the service industry amid this pandemic. We go over what you can do to help the service industry immediately and what we can do to help it after this pandemic. Taffer gives insight on how this will affect sports, entertainment, and social life going forward.