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Hard Factor 3/27: Florida Man Friday, Feat. Coronavirus Updates and TIGER KING Review

On today's episode:

- Looks like those stimulus checks may finally get approved, let's review how we got here while we continue to social distance and wash hands

- Florida Women are roundhouse kicking their boyfriends, coughing on Doctors, and buying all the TP at the family Dollar

- Florida Men are blowing up city council meetings for all kinds of reasons in the "Banana Republic" - some say the beaches should be shut down while other claim Corona can be dealt with by a simple blow dryer

- Other Florida men are doing stupid things like cutting holes in their neighbors fences, OR making all their employees come in and clean the store during coronavirus before firing them all on the spot

- FINALLY, SPOILER ALERT - Tiger King review since Joe Exotic was a former Florida Man, and his arch nemesis Carol Baskins is most definitely a Florida woman.

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