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Minihane's Movie Night: The Minifans Are Having a Virtual Movie Night and You're Invited

Kirk Minihane is a renowned movie buff. He can tell you where he was when he first saw pretty much every movie he's ever seen. He can tell you who directed, starred in, and turned down a role in almost everything to ever come out of Hollywood. He's like the Kim Peeks of movie trivia. Considering that, it's a little hard to explain how we got to March 26, the first ever Kirk Minihane Virtual Movie Night, featuring Robin Williams starring in "Bicentennial Man". 

It makes sense when you consider the sadistic relationship Minihane has with his fans. Almost two months ago he did bring 150 of them up to the Maine-Canada border in the middle of a blizzard for a live show. So now he's testing their loyalty yet again by seeing how many of them will endure more than two hours of Williams' biggest box office bomb. Sound like fun? Are you dying of boredom in quarantine? Join the Kirk, Blind Mike, Steve Robinson, and the Minifans tonight at 8:00pm EST for a viewing experience that will only feel like it lasted 200 years.