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Minihane-Robinson Crowned "Best Duo" of Barstool Sports

Kirk Minihane and Steve Robinson have achieved a stunning surprise victory in the Barstool Sports Best Duo bracket challenge hosted by the well-known authority in such things, Twitter user @GaZillionBeers.

The dark horse contenders started at Barstool Sports less than a year ago yet somehow cruised to victory over popular Barstool icons like Big Cat-PFT and KFC-Feitelberg.

According to GaZillion Beers, the final championship was an utter rout, as if Big Cat and PFT weren't even aware that the bracket was happening and never bothered to tweet about it. 

"Congratulations to Kirk and Steve," said Big Cat when reached for comment in his quarantine bunker. "I think we can all agree the real loser in this is Blind Mike for being the third wheel in a podcast he co-hosts."