Emergency We Gotta Believe: Cuncel Da Syndergaard

Baseball is banned, the team is under quarantine AND THE METS STILL FIND A WAY TO GET HURT. If you thought sports being gone was just a dream, well this injury is your “Inception” totem. This is not a dream, folks. This is New York Mets baseball through-and-through. Noah Syndergaard will have Tommy John surgery Thursday, officially marking the death of the "Power-5 Era." It’s Pete Alonso’s burden to carry now. The guys debate if the big-5 turned out worse than Generation K, I Cunceled da Saeson before it could even get going (March 24, 2020) and we highlight the “Mets Misery Bracket” for next week. Do you Gotta Believe when there’s nothing left to believe in? We don’t know, but we’ll be here all season, ball or not, because we’re in this together. And what a run it's been this offseason!

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