Hard Factor 3/18: WTFWednesday in Quarantine - Lockdown & TURN UP

On today's episode:

- The Lockdown & TURN UP Era has begun (#LockdownTurnUp). Join the movement. Buy the shirt. Don't let Corona get you down

- Mark is back from his domestic travels battling the Coronavirus through several airports to deal with a personal emergency. Hear about the jackass that got kicked off his plane for coughing all over everything

- Coronavirus' impact on the stripping and cam girl industries

- The tale of an angry firefighter who got drunk and burned down his own house only to put it out later

- A woman who was so high she couldn't tell soap from cheese

- A Canadian grandpa who's had ENOUGH of the dang weed already

- "Blind" Drivers, Disgruntled Public Officials, Andrew Gillum, Listener Voicemails, and a stabbing at Sam's Club

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