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Would You Get Coronavirus For A Championship Title!?

Welcome back, college football fans! 

On today's episode, we talk about Pat Narduzzi's RIDICULOUS quote about the transfer portal and Brandon can't decide how he feels about crusty ass coaches STILL making comments about it. 

We also continue our walk down memory lane with random players (including a tough one for Brandon Walker), play hype songs from you the listeners, hit through the news and notes of the week and much more. 

AND the question of the day: would you get Coronavirus to win a championship? The two-minute drill is really something today, folks.

See you next Thursday! 


[0:00] Intro 

[9:30] Predicting where the 2020 Barstool Sports CFB Show will be heading....again, these are total predictions! We know nothing! 

[15:30] News from around the nation. We discuss strength coaches, targeting rule change, Coach O working harder, and the ugly toilet portal. 

[35:00] 5 more of the greatest hype songs via the Roughnecks. 

[51:04] Random players. 

[1:12:00] 2-minute drill presented by Kayce Smith.