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Does The 1990 Ninja Turtles Movie Still Hold Up?

Hot debate on the show today!

Let's go to the tape...

I think the movie still holds up for what it intends to be. It isn't a cinematic masterpiece, but it is a fun and campy adaption of beloved source material. The movie is intended for a specific audience and hits its mark. Now, entering in nostalgia bias, I'll say that I love this movie, even if it hits levels of absurdity from time to time.

Do you think it still holds up? Let us know below…

Lights, Camera, Barstool (subscribe here), this week featured our throwback review of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' as well as a breakdown of the new 'Candyman' trailer and how Star Wars continues to pump out eye-roll-worthy news.

|| 0:00 – Turtles slander and being sick
|| 3:58 – Mountain Dew Zero, is it good?
|| 5:19 – Adult LEGO sets
|| 9:09 – FREEDOM Ship, ya hear about this?
|| 14:42 – Simon Birch was an insane movie
|| 17:30 – Ad Read #1
|| 19:11 – Candyman trailer is great!
|| 24:29 – Animated WWE monsters movie?
|| 28:09 – Talkin’ about fuckin’ Star Wars
|| 32:20 – Ad Read #2
|| 33:40 – The Accountant, a TV series sequel?
|| 36:15 – Affleck officially, officially done with Batman
|| 42:38 – R-rated Lizzie McGuire reboot
|| 1:17:59 – Box Office Game XXI: Sam Rockwell

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