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Do Small Hands ACTUALLY Matter?!

It's #TalkingSZN! 

On this week's episode, we dive into the NFL Combine frenzy surrounding Joe Burrow and his "tiny hands." 

We also talk about him not working out at the Combine, what it means for Jalen Hurts, present more pump up songs, go thrugh more random players and much more. Oh and in case you missed it, there's a new wrinkle in the Georgia vs. Bama beef. LOL. 

These offseason episodes are reallllly fun. See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro....Jack Mac returns from London to an angry Kayce & Brandon. 

6:05: Scott Cochran has left Alabama for Georgia. How big of a deal is this for both these programs? Does it really matter? 

13:00: Colorado has found their coach and the coaching carousel seems to be over with...for now. 

14:30: The NFL combine is here. Joe Burrow's hands are too small and don't you dare ask Jalen Hurts to play another position! 


26:30: More Pump Up songs! 

39:00: Brandon, Kayce, and Jack each bring 5 random players this week in their trip down nostalgia lane. 

1:01:00: 2 minute drill