What's Your Favorite Pump Up Song? (PS - You'll Want To Run Through A Wall)

Pump up songs are HERE folks! 

On this week's episode, we run through our favorite songs to get hype too... back stories and all. 

We also run through the (light) news and notes of the week including MORE issues with Mark Dantonio and the Colorado job, should transfers get immediate eligibility, talk about our favorite southern foods, the two-minute drill and MUCH more. 

Oh and we bring back the random college football players list. 

These offseason episodes are really fucking fun. See you next Thursday!


0:00: Intro 

7:05: More news coming out about Mark Dantoino. 

11:17: A matchup between two powerhouses will kick off the 2021 season. 

14:10: The transfer portal is ALWAYS open. 

16:00: Mark Richt's birthday hotdog. Yes, really, this is discussed. 

21:10: The BEST pump up songs in sports history. 

40:10: Nostalgia Road....10 random players from Brandon & Kayce 

1:04:30: 2-minute drill.